Modular concept frame (MCF): Our frame is conceived and optimized as a modular chassis. Build it with 26“ or 650b wheels, either version can run
160mm or 180mm rear travel. You have the freedom to choose your perfect enduro bike.


Modular Concept Seatstay (MCS)
whether you ride with 650b or 26“ frame is decided by choice of a specific seat stay. We consciously avoided replaceable dropouts as the additional bolted construction is prone to causing unpleasant creaking noises and affects strength. Our seatstay is a welded unit and is optimised for each wheel size.


Modular Concept Rocker (MCR)
choose your suspension travel via the rocker linkage. Whether 160mm or 180mm you can be sure that the linkage geometry has been perfectly optimized. Either rocker can be combined with either seatstay. The rear shock length stays the same. (215x63 for NBS versions).


Modular Concept Cup (MCC)
an extra long lower headset cup creates additional torsional and braking rigidity for our Bionicon Double Agent dual crown forks. When used with normal tapered forks this cup is switched for a standard version to fit a ZS55 headset keeping the front end low and aggressive.


Modular Concept Derailleur
a removable front derailleur mounting plate gives the freedom to run 2x10, or nice and clean 1x11. The plate is optimised for the SRAM LDM S3 2x10 standard. Shifting is therefore best when using a 2x10 22/36 SRAM crankset of the newest crank generation without bashguard. The adapter plate angle is adjustable and can also be used to mount any chain guards available, which use the LDM33 standard if you 1x11.


Modular Concept Universer
Our „Universer“ allows you to fit unmodified, standard rear shocks with 215mm length and 63mm stroke in the Edison EVO frame. For the first time you can run a real Bionicon frame with standard suspension parts (fork and shock). These bikes are given the appendix "NBS" - Non-Bionicon-System. We even took large sized shocks into account; so many available Piggyback shocks are compatible with the Edison-EVO.




Our patented Bionicon-System allows infinite adjustment of the geometry and kinematics of your bike. Sink the fork by up-to 80mm in order to clamber up the steepest gradients, which would otherwise wreck your back. Looking at the frame angles the maximum difference between normal (Downhill) and steepest (Uphill) setting is 5. ° Unique in the biking world: by connecting the fork with the rear adapter we can lift the rear end whilst the front drops. So the bottom bracket height remains the same and your clearance for technical climbs isn’t reduced unlike other fork-adjustment systems. The components of the system are: air cartridge, handlebar switch, adapter.


is the door to geometry adjustment. Press it to activate the Bionicon-System. Our new handlebar switch weighs a paltry 29 grams and is made of finest forged and machined aluminium in a sleek anodized finish. Fit it above or below the bars, left or right - whatever your cockpit ergonomics require.


this is the actual heart of our systems. Lots of forks can reduce their travel - often using our patents for travel adjustment. But changing the rear suspension kinematics simultaneously - only Bionicon is permitted to use this technology. We've been doing this for 10 years. It allows Hyperextension. Instead of realising a travel reduction within the fork by moving air from the positive to negative chambers our adapter is also fitted with a positive and negative chamber. In use the appropriate chamber takes the air volume from the fork, extending for uphill and retracting for downhill. A nice side effect: we can use a really big negative air chamber for the fork, which has a beneficial influence on the air spring rate.


Hyper Extension
in the Uphill-mode we extend the adapter and the overall E2E (eye to eye) length of the rear shock and therefore change the leverage ratio
of the rear shock. This minimizes the influence of the drivetrain on the suspension. Without needing to reach for the damping settings you can climb bob-free.
At the same time the rear end remains high in its travel to avoid blowing through travel when it gets really steep.


Fork cartridge/ Handlebar switch/ Bionicon-Adapter
The Bionicon System is made up of the pneumatic fork cartridge, the handlebar switch and the Bionicon-Adapter, which are connected with airlines. The Bionicon-Adapter is threaded onto a special rear shock, but is completely isolated from it in terms of oil (damping) and spring rate (air). A positive- and negative- air chamber in the fork cartridge and adapter are connected with each other. By activating the handlebar switch an exchange of air is made possible allowing the fork and adapter to extend and retract. The red tube shows the positive airline, through which air flows when the system is used allowing either the fork or adapter to extend. The blue airline shows the negative airflow, which keeps either the fork or adapter in retracted position.




BIONICON Double Agent 160 TA 26''
Our dual crown fork for 160mm travel
The facts
Weight: 1980g inclusive steerer tube and crowns
35mm stanchions, 15mm axle, Gravilube-System for external lubrication
Bladder supported damping cartridge with NDL
Adjustment-/Tuning options: low-speed compression (external), mid-speed compression, high-speed compression, low-speed rebound (external), high-speed rebound, spring rate (air), spring progression rate.
Our dual crown construction allows us in sum to build a stiffer (torsion and braking rigidity) and lighter fork than with standard single-crown constructions. If you still doubt this you should give it a try and make your own mind up!


BIONICON Double Agent 180 TA 26''
Our dual crown fork for 180mm travel.
The facts:
Weight: 2340g inclusive steerer tube and crowns
35mm stanchions, 20mm axle
Bladder supported damping cartridge with NDL
Adjustment-/Tuning options: low-speed compression (external), mid-speed compression, high-speed compression, low-speed rebound (external), high-speed rebound, spring rate (air), spring progression rate


X-Fusion/BIONICON Metric 160/180 27.5''
The brand new X-Fusion Metric has had its sir spring cartridge removed and our own 2x2 air cartridge installed. This allows you to adjust not just the firmness of the air spring but also to adjust the gradient of the spring rate - just like with our Double Agent forks. Linear, or progressive? More support in the mid-stroke? You can chose and don't need any spacers to do so!
Weight 2300g with 180mm travel
36mm stanchions / 20mm axle
X-Fusion HLR damping
Adjustment-/Tuning options: low-speed compression (external), high-speed compression (external), low-speed rebound (external), spring rate (air), spring progression rate


BIONICON 2x2 Air Cartridge mit floating USD²(Up-Side-Down) structure
2 getrennte Positiv- und 2 zugehörige Negativkammern ermöglichen dir eine Anpassung des Kennlinienverlaufs, wie bei keiner anderen Gabel auf dem Markt. Für absolut schnelles Ansprechen sorgt die doppelt invers ausgeführte Bauweise mit schwimmender Hauptkammer. Die zu beschleunigende Masse beträgt bei unseren Kartuschen für die Doppelbrückengabeln weniger als 50g. Bei vergleichbaren Gabeln der Konkurrenz sind das oft mehr als 200g und somit 400% der trägen Masse unserer Kartusche.
Die obere Luftkammer ist Teil des BIONICON System und somit für den Federweg, als auch für Verstellung des Federwegs zuständig. Die untere Luftkammer ist vom System getrennt und somit purer und feinster Travel.

2x2 air cartridge with floating USD structure: 2 separate positive- and 2 corresponding, automatically filling negative chambers allow you to adjust the spring rate progression better than any other fork on the market. The double inverse construction with floating main chamber ensures the fastest possible bump response. The unsuspended mass on our dual crown fork cartridges is less than 50g. Comparable forks from the competition often have more than 200g and thus 400% more inert mass than ours. The upper air chamber is part of the Bionicon-System and thus responsible for both providing suspension travel and allowing travel adjustment. The lower air chamber is separate from the system and just offers pure and finest suspension action.


BIONICON CBD (compensative bladder damping) cartridge
our newest development in the damping sector. The new compression-/rebound damping cartridge is equipped with an expanding rubber bellows bladder, which acts as an expansion chamber for the piston entering it. The advantages of this type of construction are obvious:
1. The cartridge can be assembled without any undesirable air penetration, which ensures that there is no mixing of air and oil and deterioration of damping function.
2. By "breathing" the bladder supports the compression and rebound strokes through its own stretching and crushing as the volume expands.
The cartridge is also constructed based on the USD principle to reduced unsuspended mass to a minimum.


BIONICON HLM (High-Low-Mid) compression flow
a patented new damping logic developed by Bionicon featuring three compression damping valves (high, low, mid) which regulate the flow of oil on the compression stroke thus offering the rider the best possible damping and feedback from the ground. One feature offered by the damping is NDL (Non-Digital-Lockout), which doesn't function on the 0-1, or ON-OFF principle: an externally adjustable low-speed compression gives an almost locked out setting in the closed position yet doesn't suffer from the typical jerky initial suspension action as is often the case with other lockout systems.

The mid-speed compression can "bleed" thanks to a non-spring loaded shim allowing the damping cartridge to smoothly initiate its stroke but still creating strong damping to prevent bob. From the fully closed position every single one of the clearly defined clicks of the adjustment knob offers a noticeable change in damping. Anyone will know it isn't a placebo effect! The compression -check valve has an extremely wide cross-section allowing the oil to return from the bladder during the rebound stroke in order to be available for the next impact.


Rebound flow
on the rebound side a low-speed rebound is externally adjustable whilst a shim stack controls the high-speed rebound. Similarly the rebound-check valve is constructed for maximum oil flow so that there is no influence on the compression damping regardless of how the rebound control needle is adjusted.




Der Magura TS-RC
The Magura TS-RC is fitted with a unique compression damping set-up otherwise not available on the market. The 3-way valve is perfectly tuned to our kinematics and offers very fine compression damping tuning. In contrast to the standard versions our TS-RC doesn't feature pure lockout but 3 levels of compression damping for different trails and rider preferences.




Direct-Mount Stem
our new Direct Mount combines maximum stiffness and extremely low weight. A pitiful 100g inclusive bolts saving 50g / 30% from our Twin-Lock-Stem.
Length (steerer tube axis - centre bar clamps): 66mm (180mm fork/160mm short position)
Length (steerer tube axis - centre bar clamps): 78mm (160mm fork long position)
Height (upper fork crown - centre bar clamps): 30mm
Clamp: 31.8mm


Twin-Lock-Stem: our proven adjustable stem system allows a huge range of angles and heights at just 152g inclusive bolts offering the most ergonomic customisation if required. Clamp: 31.8mm or 25.4mm on request