With more than 10 years of experience in MTB suspension, BIONICON still has the world´s one and only on-the-fly adjustable chassis for mountainbikes.
With BIONICON´s new direct sales you will get offered unbeatable prices for a unique technology.

BIONICON will always support you with probably the best service and support in the business.

Of course we could also show you fancy graphs and charts that show how wonderful our rear suspension works and how it differs from other bikes and brands in the market, but a picture says more than a thousand words:


From the BIONICON-System, to our forks and frames, to suspension technology for outsourcing companies from all over the world, everything is developed at Tegernsee Lake.

To this day every single BIONICON-System and fork is handbuild from over 150 parts here in our headquarters. And so is your personal Bike. Everything is built up here in Germany by bikers for bikers.

What nobody knows:
Our technology for travel adjust has been - and still is - used under license in several forks of market-leading manufacturers.
However, a fully adjustable chassis is only available with a BIONICON bike.

Since the beginning of BIONICON, we have been building bikes that are made to climb the steepest hills, just in order to descend on the most amazing trails wherever you are.

With a simple push of a button you can transform your bike from a super smooth and plush Enduro-bike with lots of travel into an amazingly efficient mountain goat in terms of climbing, without needing to bother with lever-positions and switches on your fork or rear shock.

Other Enduro-Bikes are simply no match for the new BIONICON edison EVO when it comes down to versatility and efficiency.


This is what the different positions offer you



1. slack head angle and high front for optimal control and secure feeling on steep downhill sections
2. long wheelbase for a stable chassis and bike on fast trails
3. low bottom bracket height for a perfect “standing-in-the-bike” feeling and agile handling
4. optimized angles of the rear frame linkage for extra sensitive response and plush feeling



1. steep seat-angle, low cockpit height for an upright riding position, relieving the strain on your back muscels, optimal power transmission on the pedals without a lifting front wheel
2. short wheelbase and steep head-angle for extra maneuverability on technical uphills
3. hyper-extension of the rear triangle linkage to keep the rear suspension steady while climbing, without the need of an additional platform or lockout on your shock
4. less sag, thus higher effective bottom bracket height for extra ground clearance when climbing over roots, rocks, and other obstacles


How it works:

The geometry adjust via the BIONICON-System will be activated by a push on the handlebar switch whilst leaning forward or backward. Leaning backward, you will automatically end up in the optimal full DH-Position for descending. Leaning forward, you can adjust the UH-Position infinitely and up to 80mm on the front. It´s as simple as it gets!